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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Justin Timberlake is entertaining us all!

Justin Timberlake is bringing entertainment back!

The man releases The 20/20 Experience and his single Suit & Tie featuring JAY Z (Radio Edit) is all over the place. He's got the New Myspace going as well as exploding over most networks including
being on the Suggested User List for Google+ !

He hosted SNL:

He rocked Jimmy Fallon:

What's next and it's nice to see him show off his talents!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark is going back into previews despite all the injuries and this fall by actor Christopher Tierney

Julie Taymor & Bono + The Edge (U2)'s new musical Spiderman : Turn Off the Dark is suffering some tough times and not just from the actual production. I have friends who have seen it and both say the story/script

has major issues that needs work and is confusing. Christopher Tierney fell 30 feet in the below video during a recent performance breaking bones with internal bleeding. I understand with broadway shows especially Spiderman you want to try to top other shows and even the movie with having actors swinging all over the theater which is much tougher to do in a broadway house as opposed to a Cirque Du Soleil type theater which might have been more appropriate for this show. I personally think the show should shut down with even previews until they can get the wires, timing and acrobatics down so safety isn't an issue and the actors aren't scared for their lives!